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The Official Rulebook 

of the 

Power Play Hockey League



The Power Play Hockey League governs all PPHL Leagues & Tournaments based on the rules and regulations of the USA Hockey Rulebook

Please read below the PPHL modifications of the USA Hockey Rulebook that will dictate all players in PPHL events.


USA Hockey Rulebook

Twitter is experience difficulties and not allowing additions of accounts at this time. 


Power Play will be adding a Department of Player Safety Twitter account feed here to keep all Players up-to-date on updates on Rules, Suspensions, and Educational videos on PPHL Play. 


Section 1 - Registration & Team/Player Fees


1.1 - Captain Registration & Responsibilities

A - Registration. Team Captain must register the team before each Individual Player is able to successfully register for the upcoming Season.  IF Team Captain does not register Team, all team Players that sign up will become Free Agents. 

B - Responsibilities. Team Captain will be responsible to organize, update, and maintain their teams home page each Season. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to notify Division Head of a player change, addition, or removal. Failure to notify the league and add the additional player(s) rostered added throughout the Season to the team homepage on league site will result in all future games that said player(s) participated in. 

IF Team Captain continuously abuses Section 1 - Registration, said Team will be removed for the remainder of the Season with no refund. The PPHL will not allow unregistered players stepping on the ice due to liabilities. The PPHL understands Teams will need 'Fill-Ins' at certain games - however - Team Captains are REQUIRED to contact Division Head BEFORE game time to state said 'Fill-In(s)' are participating. 

Contacting Division Head includes:

- Text Message OR Email Sharing Players Information
 * Full Name, Email Address, Cell Number, Jersey Number worn  


1.2 - Player Registration

A - Registration. Players are required to register per Season for their Team before stepping onto the ice. Players must make sure their Team Captain has successfully registered the Team for the Division before registering. IF Player registers before Team Captain registers team, said Player will become a Free Agent. 


B - Failure to Register. Failure to register before stepping onto the ice to represent a PPHL team will result in an automatic forfeit to said Team and the Suspension of Unregistered Player until Registered. IF said Unregistered Player steps onto ice again while suspended, he/she will then be blacklisted from the Power Play Hockey League for 365 Days and will not be reinstated until meeting with the Department of Player Safety. 

The PPHL takes player registrations very seriously as this is a liability to Power Play. Any Player that does not respect this has no place in any PPHL League or Tournament.


1.3 - Team / Player Fees

A - Team Costs. The PPHL allows each team to have a maximum of 15 players on the Season's roster. Each Leagues Team Fees may vary and is up to Team Captain to understand Team Fees and to share amount owed by each Player. 

Team Captain will register 'X' amount of Players. Once team is registered, SportsEngine platform will automatically divide the payments out evenly between each Team Player. 

Example - IF the Team Fee is $3,850.00 and a team has 10 players, the Team Fee would be $385.00 per Player. If another team has 14 players, each player would pay $275.00 per person.


B - Failure to Pay Team Costs. Teams that are not fully paid by the third month of the season will be removed from the schedule with all remaining games be considered a forfeit (1-0) and ineligible for playoffs until the team balance is completely paid.

Any player that has an outstanding balance in current or past season(s) will be ineligible to register for the upcoming season until all past debts are paid to the PPHL. 

Section 2 - Teams & Rostering


2.1 - Rosters

The PPHL allows each team to have a maximum of 15 players on a Team Roster / Season. Team must have at least (5) registered Skaters and (1) registered Goalie to be considered a legal team. 

IF Team cannot field appropriate amount of players, the PPHL will assign registered Free Agents to Team.


2.2 - Roster Regulations

C Level.  Each C level Team is allowed up to 3 players that have been ranked by PPHL as B Level players. There will be no A or above level players allowed to play in the C League. (Goalies do not count towards the total of alotted B players per team, however may only be subbed by a like ranked player or below). Each team is only allowed 3 B level players on their team for any given night. If a C level player is absent, the team may not substitute in a 4th B level player.

D Level. Each D level team is allowed up to 3 players that have been ranked by PPHL as C level players. There will be no B or above level players allowed to play in the D league. (Goalies do not count towards the total alotted C players per team, however may only be subbed by a like ranked player or below.) Each team is only allowed 3 C level players on their team for any given night. If a D level player is absent, the team may not substitute in a 4th C level player.



2.3 - Uniform Requirements

A - Matching Uniforms. The PPHL requires each team to wear matching uniforms with numbers on the back rostered to each registered player. This is the responsibility of the Team Captain to organize the Team Uniforms for their team. The PPHL recommends Team Captains purchase extra uniforms for 'fill-in' players per game. These jerseys should only be used for 'fill-in' players and not be used for registered team players. 

Team Captain have the right to either - (1) Purchase their own uniforms for their teams, or (2) Purchase team uniforms through the PPHL. IF Option #1 is selected - Team Captains must have their uniforms ready by Game #3 of the Season. IF uniforms are not ready by scheduled Game #3, the PPHL will give Team Captain (15)  PPHL uniforms at $20.00 / Uniform, that will be required to wear in all future games until personalized uniforms are available. 

Failure to wear matching uniforms will result in Team fines of $10.00 / Player that does not have matching uniform with number. The PPHL takes uniforms very seriously in order to identify players and keep track of stats and penalties per player. Repeated Team offenders are subjected to forfeits, suspensions from league, and possibly removed from PPHL League(s) without refund. 

B - Uniform NumbersPlayers and Goalies may select numbers between "0 / 00 - 99". Three digit numbers or use of any letter will not be appropriate numbers.


2.4 - Team Benches / Game

During the course of any PPHL event, there is to be ZERO non-playing participants on the Team Bench at any point of a game. Any rostered player who is ineligible to play, should not be ANYWHERE near the Team Bench and is REQUIRED to be in the Stands to spectate the game. 

IF any non-playing person(s) is or attempts to be on the Team Bench, the Game Officials or Division Head will immediately warn Team Captain or Team Representative to remove ALL non-playing people from bench. IF team does not comply, a minor penalty for Delay of Game will be issued to Team and Delay of Game Protocol will begin. 

IF Team does not comply or a second attempt of non-playing participants are on Team Bench, the game will be immediately finished with a forfeit to the Team resulting in the infraction.


The Power Play Hockey League has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding non-playing rostered or unrostered people to be on Team Benches during any point of a PPHL Game. This is a liability and unsafe practice that will not be allowed. Teams that constantly disrespect this rule will be subjected to harsher fines/penalties and face possible removal from the PPHL without refund. 

The PPHL cares for the safety of all during PPHL events and believe this is a wise decision and ask all to comply to keep all safe in order to enjoy good, fun, competitive hockey games! 

Section 3 - Equipment


3.1 - Required Equipment

Players are required to wear the basic equipment in order to participate in any PPHL game (League or Tournament). Basic equipment to be worn is listed below:

- Hockey Skates
- Shin Pads
- Hockey Pants
- Elbow Pads
- Gloves
- Helmet (HECC approved - Ear Loops, Chin strap fastened, Padded)
- Stick


Goalies are required to wear full protective equipment in order to participate as a goalie. 


3.2 - Recommended Equipment

A - Shoulder Pads. PPHL Players are not required to wear Shoulder Pads. The PPHL highly recommends all participants to wear shoulder pads while playing in any game.

B - Facial Protection. Players are not required to wear visors or any type of cage. IF a player is to wear a cage, both straps must be locked into helmet. Though the PPHL does not require players to wear any facial shields or cages, Power Play highly recommends all players to wear protection over the face. 


3.3 - Disapproved Equipment

A - Non-Hockey Skates. No PPHL Player shall be allowed to wear any other type of "ice skate" other than hockey skates. 

B - Roller Blade Pants. PPHL requires all players to wear protective hockey pants. The use of any other type, such as Roller Blade Pants will not be allowed. 

Section 4 - Penalties

The Power Play Hockey League follows 'Section 4 - Penalties' of the USA Hockey Rulebook. Please click on the following link to direct you to USA Hockey website and rulebook page of 'Section 4 - Penalties'.


Section 4 - Penalties

Section 5 - League & Game Officials


Parity Weeks

Any new team coming into the league will be subject to a minimum of 2 parity weeks. These games will count towards their overall record. The games may consist of playing against the lowest seeded team from the division above and the highest seeded from the division below of where PPHL believes they should be placed.

It is always PPHL's goal to make sure teams are properly placed and these games are to be played at that team's best ability. The league reserves the right to place any team that is thought to be playing down to competition where we feel they will have the best competition.

Playoffs & Tie Breaker Rules 

Determining seed - PTS, W, Head to head, GA, GF, Coin Toss

Game Play - In result that a game is tied after regulation, 13 minute stop time periods will be played, switching ends each period until a goal is scored (sudden death). If a game does not follow these rules it is considered voided and to be replayed.

Only Full time players are allowed to participate in playoffs. The only exception to this rule will be if a team is unable to field 7 Full time players. In which case they will be allowed subs in order to reach 7 total players for the game. (these players must have still played 3 regular season games for the team that season.) Also, any subs the team gets for that game cannot exceed the maximum number of upper level players allowed for that league.

Goalies in playoffs must be the same skill level as the goalie you are replacing.

Format - Playoffs will be a single elimination format. They will either be played during regular nights for that league, or as a tournament done on one day. 

Team No Shows

In the case where a team does not show up to a regularly scheduled game, the game is considered a forfeit, a win is awarded to the team that does show up, however no refunds will be given in the case of no shows.


5.1 - Division Head(s)

The Power Play Hockey Leagues assigns a "Division Head" and "Assistant Division Head(s)" to each League's Divisions to represent the PPHL on all matters pertaining to that specific Division. The "Division Head" is the League's Representative and will have full authority to  make all final decisions in full time. 

All concerns and questions regarding a certain league must be brought to the attention of the "Division Head' before contacting another party in Power Play. 

IF the "Division Head" is failing to oversee a certain Division, Players are to contact the Director of Division Heads - Jake Karg. 


5.2 - Referees

The PPHL follows the USA Hockey Rulebook, Section 502  in regard to the "Referee" position. To read the full definition and summary guided by USA Hockey, please click link below. 

Section 502 - Referee

5.3 - Scorekeepers

The PPHL follows the USA Hockey Rulebook - Sections 505 "Official Scorer" and Section 506 "Game Timekeeper"  in regard to the "Scorekeeper" position. To read the full definition and summary guided by USA Hockey, please click link below. 

Section 505 - Official Scorer

Section 506 - Game Timekeeper

Section 6 - Playing Rules


The Power Play Hockey League follows 'Section 6 - Playing Rules' of the USA Hockey Rulebook with certain modifications agreed to by the PPHL Department of Player Safety.

To view the USA Hockey Rulebook - Section 6 - Playing Rules, please click the link below. 

Section 6 - Playing Rules


To view the PPHL's modifications of USA Hockey's Section 6, please click the PDF link to the right.


PPHL Modified Rulebook
Approved by PPHL Dept. of Player Safety
Last Revised: April 2020

The below Penalties are shared in both the USA Hockey Rulebook and the PPHL Modifications PDF above. The PPHL feels it is necessary to share these important points below to all participants.


  1. Fighting is not allowed at any time during a PPHL game. A fight is defined by PPHL as players being involved in throwing punches, regardless of whether the punches landed or not. PPHL uses the Live Barn app in order to review any and all reported fights. Referees are not obligated to break up any fights. However, if they deem it a fight the players must leave the ice immediately; failure to do so may result in extra suspensions or ban up to at least 1-year.
  2. Any player involved in two fights in one season will forfeit the remainder of that season with no refund of registration fees. If any player is involved in 3 fights in one fiscal year, they will automatically be banned from PPHL for 365 days (1 Year), and will not receive any refunds of fees paid.

    PPHL also reserves the right to make a judgement call if a player is believed to be going above and beyond to be in fights and may ban a player sooner.

Abuse of Officials

  1. At no point may any player abuse a referee physically or verbally. SHO, our refereeing company, is instructed to report any abuse of referees. PPHL utilizes Live Barn to review any and all cases that are reported to us.
    1. At any point if a player touches a referee in what the referee and PPHL believes is an aggressive manor, they will automatically be suspended indefinitely, forfeiting any refund of fees. Any games missed due to misconduct will not count towards eligibility for playoffs.
    2. Verbal abuse of a referee will result in on ice penalties. If an infraction occurs, referees will remove the player from the ice. These occurrences will also be reviewed by PPHL and may be subject to further penalty.

Off Ice Conduct

  1. Any player or players who engage in off-ice altercations will be reviewed by the PPHL and may result in or up to permanent ban from all PPHL activities.

On Ice Conduct

  1. Open Ice Checking - (reviewed by league) 1-3 Game Suspension.
  2. Boarding - (reviewed by league) 1-3 Game Suspension.
  3. Slashing resulting in injury - (reviewable) 1-3 Games
  4. Game Misconducts - any player getting 2 misconducts in 1 season 1 Game suspension. One game suspension will be added for every incurring Misconduct.
  5. Any team incurring 2 Suspensions in one season may result in the captain of that team being Suspended for 1 Game.

Conduct in Facilities.

  1. Alcohol - Any player caught outside of a locker room with alcohol will be suspended 1 game. These are our rink rules as well as our liability rules. Alcohol is meant for the locker rooms and not to be abused or we will lose that privelage. 
  2. Tobacco - Any player caught spitting tobacco on the ice, floor, showers, or anywhere besides a bottle. will be suspended 1 game. Not only is this disgusting, but it is disrespectful to the employee that has to clean it up, or the ref that reaches down for a puck with it all over it.
  3. Rink Employees - Any player who is found to be abusive towards any rink employee will be suspended as necessary. No player should abuse any employee. If you have an issue with a rink employee notify your Division head immediately so management can address it.