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    Listed below are the most relevant changes to the rules for hockey in MA moving forward.  The full document released by the state can be viewed here:

    We are working in real-time with all of our rinks to see what options are available for different/earlier ice times that may allow us to continue league operations.  All updates will be communicated here and directly to captains as we receive new information. 


    Facility Operators and Activity Organizers must also ensure compliance with COVID-Order No. 53 which requires facilities and youth and adult amateur sports activities to close at 9:30pm and not re-open until 5:00am the next day (“mandatory closing period”). Facility Owners may permit employees to stay on premises during the mandatory closing period. The public health data and guidance on which this document is based can and does change frequently. The most recent version of this document can be found on the Commonwealth’s reopening website,


    Mandatory Facial Coverings for All Sports: Facility Operators and Activity Organizers must require facial coverings to be worn by all participants during active play except: • During swimming, water polo, water aerobics or other sports where individuals are in the water; or • For individuals with a documented medical condition or disability that makes them unable to wear a face covering. For purposes of this guidance, a facial covering means a face mask or cloth facial covering that completely covers the nose and mouth. Participants should take frequent breaks when they are out of proximity to other players, using caution to avoid touching the front or inside of the face covering by using the ties or ear loops to remove and replace. Participants for all sports must wear facial coverings on the bench at all times and in any huddles or time-outs. This requirement applies to all spectators and chaperones, coaches, staff, referees, umpires, and other officials.


    Any Facility Owner or Activity Organizer that hosts an out-of-state team at a Massachusetts facility or allows an out-of-state player to participate on a Massachusetts-based team risks facility closure or suspension of a league’s practices and/or games.


    COOPERATION WITH HEALTH OFFICIALS Facility Operators and Activity Organizers, as well as coaches, participants, and others engaging in sports activities are required to cooperate with state health officials and local boards of health and their authorized agents. Facility Operators and Activity Organizers must keep rosters of all participants with appropriate contact information and make that information available upon request by state officials, local boards of health or their authorized agents. Should a Facility Operator or Activity Organizers fail to completely and promptly cooperate with health officials, operators and organizers risk closure or suspension of a league’s practices and/or games.


    Locker rooms are closed and can only be accessed for toileting. Participants must wear-in/wear-out clothes or dress in the parking lot or other designated area.


    Operators should ensure that individuals are not congregating in common areas or parking lots before, during or following practices or events. Tailgating and other social gatherings are strictly prohibited in common areas.


    Activity Organizers must promote an “arrive, play, and leave” mentality and ensure that individuals are not congregating in common areas or parking lots before, during or following practices or events (such as tailgating). • Players, coaches and officials should arrive for practices, games, meets and competitions dressed to play.

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    "It's Not Just a Sport, It's a Culture"

    The PPHL is built upon Military and Family values. The Founder of the PPHL, Shawn Connors, is an Army veteran, and did not just make up this motto for the hell of it; there is TRUE meaning behind it all. To find the TRUE meaning of the motto, you need to look into the values of the Army. The United States Army bases their values off of the acronym - 'LDRSHIP' (Leadership), and this is the true culture Shawn envisioned for the Power Play Hockey League.

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