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    What Division Should I Register For?

    The PPHL offers multiple Divisions and we want all players to understand the expectations and recommended skill levels in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy healthy competition that matches their ability.

    The PPHL strives to have comparable skill levels in all divisions. No team should have "ringers" on their roster to help win the PPHL Stanley Keg. We want ALL players to be an equal asset to each team and to win the League by TEAM PLAY, not one or a couple of individuals who do not belong in a certain division. We know that honest mistakes can happen when judging one's skill level; however, players and/or teams who knowingly or frequently register for leagues below their skill levels can expect to be contacted by the league office with official communication of the steps that will be taken to rectify the situation.

    Please help the PPHL and be honest with us and yourself regarding  which division is appropriate for you and your team.  Below will provide information on each division offered by the PPHL and what skill levels and expectations align with that level. IF you are not sure what level you think you or your team belongs, please contact us by email.


    "It's Not Just a Sport, It's a Culture"

    The PPHL is built upon Military and Family values. The Founder of the PPHL, Shawn Connors, is an Army veteran, and did not just make up this motto for the hell of it; there is TRUE meaning behind it all. To find the TRUE meaning of the motto, you need to look into the values of the Army. The United States Army bases their values off of the acronym - 'LDRSHIP' (Leadership), and this is the true culture Shawn envisioned for the Power Play Hockey League.

    Looking to start an Adult League?

    Have PPHL manage it for you!


    Starting a league requires money, time, and overhead to organize, insure, incorporate, manage, referee, scorekeep and conduct rink management on a part-time schedule.  

    Would you like to run the league, but have us help manage it?

    We will deal with the pain and suffering of managing everything you can continue having fun running your location while enjoying the benefits of being part of the PPHL!



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