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Women Programs - Players & Free Agents

Select below the Region your Team Captain registered your Team for in order to find the correct Registration Link!


Your Team Captain MUST register the Team before you register as a Player!  


We are actively recruiting Women in ALL current regions! Will you join the list and help be one of the first to start a PPHL Women's League in your region?!



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What Division Should I Register For?

The PPHL offers multiple Divisions and want all Players to understand the expectations and recommended skill levels in order to enjoy the healthy competition that matches their ability.

The PPHL strives to have equal skill levels in all Divisions. No team should have "ringers" on their roster to help win the PPHL Stanley Keg. We want ALL players to be an equal asset to each team and to win the League by TEAM PLAY, not one or a couple of individuals who do not belong in a certain Division! We know that honest mistake do happening when judging one's skill levels; HOWEVER, players and/or teams who knowingly or frequently register for leagues below their skill levels can face possibilities of removal from the League(s) and/or suspensions from PPHL with no refunds.

Please help the PPHL and be honest with us and yourself on which Division you and your team belongs! Below will provide information on each Division offered by the PPHL and what skill levels and expectations should match that level. IF you are not sure what level you think you or your team belongs, please contact Power Play at

PPHL Disclaimer

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* Games per Season may vary depending on amount of teams that sign up for specific level. 

* League Representatives (PPHL Division Heads) - Each Division has an assigned Division Head to represent the PPHL and resolve issue in full time.

* Live Stats only active IF Team Captain updates team page and adds roster (Player Full Name and Jersey Number)

* PPHL holds the right to refuse a team on the ice who has not paid their team fees on time