'D' Division - "Beginner / Novice"

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The 'D' division is Power Play's level for beginners and "low experience" players (1-3 total years of experience). Players at the 'D' level will be learning the skills of skating, passing, shooting, positional awareness, and rules of the game. In this division you will find players with some organized playing experience (either as an adult or in youth), little or no youth playing experience but have played several years as an adult player, and players that have some non-varsity high school experience but are several years removed from those levels. This is the perfect starting league for new players who want to learn the rules and how the game of hockey is played while playing fun, recreational, and competitive hockey!  


This division is intended for new  and inexperienced players. We strongly advise players with experience and decent skating skills to not participate in the 'D' division.