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Department of Player Safety


Here Players can read, watch, and educate themselves on all details pertaining to the rules and safety of the Power Play Hockey League. The Department of Player Safety (DOPS) was formed by the PPHL in the Fall of 2019 to oversee all current rules, researching and updating rules when needed, and most importantly, protect all Players, Game Officials, and Spectators during PPHL League and Tournament Games. 

DOPS is directed by the PPHL's Supervisor of Officials & Scorekeepers, and owner of Seacoast Hockey Officials, Jarred Mitrano. Jarred has been selected to oversee the rules and safety of the Leagues and Players based off his in-depth experience and career in the hockey world. Having seen all sides of the game; a collegiate player, minor professional referee, and an USA Hockey Youth Supervisor, he is able to understand all parties views and decide on the proper decision making per situation that arises. 

Moving forward, the Dept. of Player Safety will review all altercations, penalties, and situations in PPHL games, and will decide final verdicts per situation while educating the entire League on why decisions were made. 

Any questions regarding rules, suspensions, or player safety are to be sent to:


Director of Player Safety

Jarred Mitrano

C: (603) 858 - 4090


Section 6 - Playing Rules 

The Playing Rules for all PPHL Games (Leagues & Tournaments - unless stated otherwise)

Rules are govern by USA Hockey Rulebook unless modified within the 'PPHL Section 6 - Playing Rules'


Have a rule(s) suggestion that you would like to share with the Department of Player Safety?
Please add your comment below and DOPS will review.


Please give the Dept of Player Safety 2-3 Business days to review and respond